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Download the APCC brochure here.

Who We Are:

The APCC is comprised of organizations –including lenders, credit bureaus, and data analytics firms– committed to promoting rational consumer credit reporting standards within APEC. We are an affiliate organization of the Policy and Economic Research Council (PERC), a 501(c)3 non-profit public policy research institution based in Durham, North Carolina. For more information about PERC visit perc.net.

Mission Statement:

We believe that the responsible use of robust credit history data and other payment information leads to optimal credit risk management. Sound credit risk management, in turn, increases lending to the private sector, increases economic growth, broadens and deepens credit access, and protects individuals from overextension.

In that credit markets are global and lenders are increasingly global or regional in their focus, it is economically sensible to have in place regional credit reporting standards based upon proven principles.

In that APEC represents the largest, wealthiest, and most dynamic economic region in the world, it is vital not only to the individual APEC member economies but to the global economy that credit risk management based on sophisticated decision sciences becomes the norm in this region.

The APCC members believe that credit reporting should be based on the following general principles:

1. Both positive and negative credit and payment data should be reported to consumer reporting agencies;

2. Recognizing that the individual is owner of their own credit information, consumer rights and protections are paramount. As such, the OECD Fair Information Principles, including notice, access, choice, correction, and redress, should be judiciously applied and shall serve as the foundation of any regional consumer credit reporting standard.

3. A private credit bureau and a public credit registry are complementary to one another and each play distinct and vital roles in a vital financial services system;

4. Reporting of credit and payment data should be done on a voluntary and not mandatory basis;

5. Access to credit and payment data should be universal to all those with a permissible purpose regardless of whether they report the type of firm.

What We Do:

APCC’s members will work with governments of individual member economies and the institutions of APEC to develop and implement sound consumer credit reporting standards.

Other APCC pursuits include:

* Educational seminars with national regulators and policy makers
* Outreach to APEC staff
* Press and media briefings
* Country-specific and regional economic impact analyses
* Industry executive briefings and outreach

The Asia-Pacific Credit Coalition is made possible through the participation of our members.

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