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General APEC | North America | Central and South America
Australasia | Asia

General APEC

Turner, Michael, Varghese, Robin, and Walker, Patrick, “Information Sharing and Credit Access:Lessons for Policy

Chakravarti, Rita and Chea, Beng-Hai, “The evolution of credit bureaus in Asia-Pacific

Campion, Anita, and Valenzuela, Liza, “Credit Bureaus: A Necessity for Microfinance?

Credit Risk: The Next Great Challenge for the Financial Markets

McIntosh, Craig, and Wydick, Bruce, “Competition and Microfinance

IADB, “Economywide Institutions and Banking Credit: Protecting Creditor Rights

Olegario, Rowena, “Credit-Reporting Agencies: Their Historical Roots, Current Status, and Role in Market Development

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North America

Barron, John and Staten, Michael, “The Value of Comprehensive Credit Reports: Lessons from the U.S. Experience

Hunt, Robert, “The Development and Regulation of Consumer Credit Reporting in America

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Central and South America

Turner, Michael, Varghese, Robin, and Walker, Patrick, “The Consequences of Prohibiting Credit Inquiry Data in Chilean Credit Files

Galindo, Arturo, and Schianterelli, Fabio, “Credit Constraints in Latin America: An Overview of the Micro Evidence

Credit Bureaus and the Rural Microfinance Sector: Peru, Guatemala, and Bolivia

Negrin, Jose, “Credit Sharing Mechanisms in Mexico: Evaluations, perspectives, and effects on firms’ access to bank credit

Luoto, Jill and McIntosh, Craig, “Credit Information Systems in Less Developed Countries

Prudential Real Estate Investors, “Latin American Market Outlook -- First Quarter 2005

Herrero, Gallego, Cuadro, and Egea, “Latin American Financial Development in Perspective

Micro Capital Institute, “The Commercialization of Microfinance in Latin America

Center for International Private Enterprise, “The Role of Business in Sustaining Reform: Reports from Latin America and the Caribbean

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Consumer Federation of Australia. “Full File Credit Reporting: Is it really the answer to credit over commitment?

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Turner, Michael, Varghese, Robin, and Walker, Patrick, “Optimal Consumer Credit Bureau Market Structure in Singapore

Visa International, “Korea Credit Bureau Study: Building a sustainable consumer finance industry in Korea: The Role of Credit Bureaus

Waseda University Experimental Study on Economic Value of Personal Credit Information”, English summary

Hiruma, Fumihiko, “Consumer Credit, Impulse Buying, and Bankruptcy Law – Time Pressure and Cognitive Dissonance Model

Credit Guarantee Corporation, “Credit Guarantee System in Japan

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, “Japanese City Banks: Unwarranted housing loan expectations

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